Free Course Seminars

All of our Free Course Seminars are listed on this page in chronological order.

Each course seminar is based on one of our courses, they are ~30 minutes long including a Q and A session, and will be delivered by the course instructor.

Anyone is welcome, even if you have no intention of joining the paid course later on!

This is a great way to get a FREE insight into different areas of statistics, to ask the experts some questions, and to get a better idea of suitablility for any courses that interest you.

All of our Free Course Seminars will be archived and made available if you cannot join live you can request access to the recordings.

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FREE SEMINAR – Introduction To Python And Programming In Python (PYIN03S)

FREE SEMINAR - Bayesian GLM's For Ecologists (BGFE01S)

FREE SEMINAR - Introduction To Mixed Models Using R And Rstudio (IMMR06S)

FREE SEMINAR - Statistics For Biodiversity And Conservation (SFBC01S)

FREE SEMINAR - Movement Ecology (MOVE04S)

FREE SEMINAR - Introduction To Multivariate Analysis In Ecology And Evolutionary Biology using R (IMAE01S) This course will be delivered live

FREE SEMINAR – Introduction to Scientific, Numerical, And Data Analysis Programming in Python (PYSC03S)

FREE SEMINAR – Advances in Spatial Analysis of Multivariate Ecological Data: Theory and Practice (MVSP05S)

FREE SEMINAR – Bioacoustics for ecologists: Hardware, Survey Design And Data Analysis (BIAC02S)

FREE SEMINAR – Species Distribution Modelling With Bayesian Statistics Using R (SDMB04S)

FREE SEMINAR - Multivariate analysis of ecological communities in R with the VEGAN package (VGNR04S)